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Marry Netbeans and SQLite

How to add a SQLite driver as a Database Service into Netbeans for accessing SQLite database files?

  1. You will need a SQLite driver.  I suggest to use  the one from
  2. Direct Download:
  3. Start Netbeans
  4. Open the Services Window via Menu: Window -> Services (or just Ctrl+5)
  5. Expand the “Databases” node and right-click on “Drivers”.
  6. The dialog “New JDBC Driver” appears.  Click “Add…” and in the  “Select Driver” dialog, select the downloaded driver file.
  7. Click Find to scan for the proper class name.  Now  “org.sqlite.JDBC” should appear in the Driver Class text field.
  8. Give this driver a name field like “SQLite Driver”
  9. Expand the Drivers node, and you should see the SQlite entry
  10. Done!

Next question:

How do i access a SQLite database file with this thingy?

  1. Expand the Drivers node, right-click on “SQLite Driver”.
  2. Click “New Connection..”.
  3. The “New Connection Wizard” dialog appears.
  4. Specify a JDBC URL to your SQLite file, like so jdbc:sqlite://C:/folder-where-your-database-file-resides/sampledb.sqlite
  5. Done!


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