Jens A. Koch

A set of microphones for drum recording

This is a selection of microphones for recording a standard drum kit with a low number of channels (6):

Kick Electro-Voice RE-20 460€
Snare Shure SM57 110€
Tom Sennheiser MD421 400€
Overheads Haun 660 350€
Room SE Electronics VR1 Voodoo 400€
Cables Sommer Cable Galileo 239 10m (6 * 40€) 240€
Total: 1960€

The combination of RE-20, SM57, MD421 is “classic”.

The Seelectronis VR1 Voodoo is a ribbon mic and excellent for guitar amps and rooms.

The Haun 660 are good overheads, for quite a low price, when compared to Oktava or Neumann OHs. You could mix OHs down to one channel.

When recording a larger kit (e.g. a kit with 3 Toms), you would add extra mics on individual drums.


Kick – AKG D12 VR
Snare Backup – Heil PR 30
Dirt – MD-21u (Reporter Micro)
Room – AKG C-414 B-ULS (dicontinued)

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