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I’m tired of typing “help”…


HipHop VM v2.1.0-dev (rel)


hhvm [-m <mode>] [<options>] [<arg1>] [<arg2>] ...


--help display this message

--version display version number

--compiler-id display the git hash for the compiler id

--repo-schema display the repo schema id used by this app

-m [ --mode ] arg (=run) run | debug (d) | server (s) | daemon | replay | translate (t)

-c [ --config ] arg load specified config file

-v [ --config-value ] arg individual configuration string in a format of name=value, where name can be any valid configuration for a config file

-p [ --port ] arg (=-1) start an HTTP server at specified port

--port-fd arg (=-1) use specified fd instead of creating a socket

--ssl-port-fd arg (=-1) use specified fd for SSL instead of creating a socket

--admin-port arg (=-1) start admin listener at specified port

-h [ --debug-host ] arg connect to debugger server at specified address

--debug-port arg (=-1) connect to debugger server at specified port

--debug-extension arg PHP file that extends y command

--debug-cmd arg executes this debugger command and returns its output in stdout

--debug-sandbox arg (=default) initial sandbox to attach to when debugger is started

-u [ --user ] arg run server under this user account

-f [ --file ] arg executing specified file

-l [ --lint ] arg lint specified file

-w [ --show ] arg output specified file and do nothing else

--parse arg parse specified file and dump the AST

--temp-file file specified is temporary and removed after execution

--count arg (=1) how many times to repeat execution

--no-safe-access-check arg (=0) whether to ignore safe file access check

--arg arg arguments

--extra-header arg extra-header to add to log lines

--build-id arg unique identifier of compiled server code

--xhprof-flags arg (=0) Set XHProf flags


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